Stroke order of the [各]各の正しい書き方/動画

Stroke order animation of 各(Style: A textbook type or Ming-style of penmanship)

Number of strokes and radical of 各


How to read 各 (sound reading, the Japanese reading)

Kanji to make how to read equivalence
カク おのおの 

A qualification and other information

日本漢字能力検定7級 Jōyō kanji. Name kanji.

idiom and the example which 各 is in

A idiom and phrase including the 各
各氏  各通  各地  各層  各停  各派  各人  各条  各省  各般  各種  各社  各自  各誌  各紙  各位  各国  各校  各校  各戸  各個  各月  各界  各界  各課  各課  各科  各科  各日  各員  >各 idioms more

各:Various kanji designs

It is block style body / Gothic / semi-cursive style of writing / Ming-style of penmanship sequentially from the left
各:Various kanji designs
各:Category of the kanji
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